Magnetic Bliss is a product that enables you to install magnetic hooks to the grids on acoustical tile ceilings or any magnetic surface with ease and safely. Using the telescoping installation tool with a connector that threads onto the end, you can now easily attach magnetic hooks to the ceiling to hang banners, decorations, flags, mobiles, ornaments, signs and so much more without having to climb a ladder or step stool. The neodymium magnets are among the strongest in the world.  Each magnetic hook is designed to support up to five pounds of weight. No longer will you have to rely on fishing line, gem clips and wire to hang things from the ceiling, nor risk permanent damage to your ceiling tiles. Using the telescoping installation tool that extends to forty inches, you can reach a normal height ceiling with little effort. You remove the magnetic hooks the same way you install them. Easy on, easy off. Each set includes the telescoping installation tool, magnetic pickup tool attachment & ten magnetic hooks.

$29.95 Per Set


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